What is the goal of STORM TeleECHO?

The goal of Sickle Treatment and Outcomes Research in the Midwest (STORM) TeleECHO is to empower primary care providers to develop the skills and knowledge to manage pediatric and adult patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) using evidence-based best practices.

STORM TeleECHO is replicated from Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes), which dramatically improves capacity and access to specialty care for rural and underserved populations. This low-cost, high-impact intervention is accomplished by using web technology to link expert inter-disciplinary specialist teams with primary care clinicians through teleECHO™ clinics. This allows experts to mentor primary care clinicians, provide feedback on difficult patient cases and share expertise via monthly case presentation and didactic educational sessions.

What are the benefits of participating in STORM TeleECHO?
  • Professional Development: Providers acquire new skills and competencies for managing patients with sickle cell disease as part of a community of learners, thereby increasing professional satisfaction and decreasing feelings of isolation.
  • Continued Learning: Providers gain access to continued learning (no-cost CME and MOC credits) and specialist (e.g. hematologists, psychologists, pharmacists, etc.) consultations during the teleECHO clinics. Participants become part of a knowledge network, focused on evidence-based care for patients with SCD, and the sharing of best-practices.
  • Increased Efficiency: Providers may see more patients with sickle cell disease and utilize evidence-based strategies to improve overall care and outcomes. This standardization of 'best practices' also strengthens the health system as a whole.

Join Our Upcoming STORM TeleECHO Session:

There will be no ECHO session in August. We will resume on September 21st from 12pm – 1pm EST. Presenter and topic information coming soon.

We are excited to announce:

We are now awarding ABP and ABIM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points for participation in STORM TeleECHO

You can sign up using the link above

How can primary care providers participate in STORM TeleECHO?

Primary care providers and their multi-disciplinary teams can virtually attend monthly, one-hour STORM TeleECHO clinics. STORM TeleECHO is currently scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of the month from 12pm – 1pm EST. To register, please click the link below. There is no cost for providers to participate in STORM TeleECHO. TeleECHO participants will need to complete evaluations after the clinic in order to receive CME credit.

How is the STORM TeleECHO clinic structured?

Each month there will be a 15-20 minute didactic presentation about evidence-based best practices for the management and treatment of sickle cell disease. There will also be case based discussion of 1-2 patients per clinic.

Can primary care providers participating in STORM TeleECHO submit case presentations?

Yes, providers registered for STORM TeleECHO may submit pediatric and adult cases to present during the STORM TeleECHO clinic. This allows for real-time discussion and feedback from with sickle cell specialists and other providers.

What technology is needed to participate?

In order to maximize participation in the video technology of STORM TeleECHO, internet connection and microphone are needed and a webcam is preferred.